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9 Thai Phrases You Will Actually Use

I’ve lived here 5 years and when anyone asks me how my Thai is, I say the same thing… That despite putting a lot into it, learning to read and write, studying films and songs… I use the same 200-300 words on a daily basis. There is a huge chasm between speak enough to get […]

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Ultimate Guide To Taking A Taxi In Bangkok

Taxis in Bangkok can be a dream. Prices are as low as anywhere in the world. You never have to wait for longer than a minute or two. It’s even got that sweet, sweet air-con that is so refreshing after trekking around in 40°C heat. On the other hand, taxis in Bangkok can be a […]

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Cost Of Street Food In Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for its street food. Walk around the city and you’ll encounter stall after stall selling big bowls of noodles, grilled pork on sticks, fried dishes being prepared in massive woks… So you might wonder… How much does street food cost in Bangkok? The typical cost of a single meal is between 30฿ […]

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Guide To Changing Money In Thailand

Changing money is annoying, especially in a foreign country. There’s the hassle, the stress, and everyone wants to rip you off at each turn. When it comes to Thailand, I’ve made all the mistakes there are to make in the last 5 years. But I’ve also figured out a few tricks too. So this article […]

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What Is Coffee Like In Thailand?

On your way to Thailand and wanna know whether the coffee’s any good? I’ve got your back. I live and breathe coffee. I’ve also lived here long enough to know the ins and outs of the place. And where to get the best stuff… So what is coffee like in Thailand? Most coffee sold in […]

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Does Thailand Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a huge holiday in the West. The months of December, November (and sometimes October!) are dominated by festive activities and atmosphere. But what’s it like in other places? Having lived in Thailand for 5 Christmas’s, and with number 6 just around the corner, I can give you a good idea of what Thais […]

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Can You Use Spotify In Thailand?

In Thailand and into music? I bet you wanna know what the Spotify situation is. Can you use Spotify in Thailand? Yes, but it is not simple. There are two ways to subscribe that depend on whether you are a “Thailand” user or from a different country. Either way can work with the Thai version […]

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Can You Drink Tap Water In Bangkok?

The first 2 years I lived in Bangkok I didn’t dare to touch a drop of the stuff that came out of the tap… But then I did a little research. And what I found was interesting… Can you drink tap water in Bangkok? Yes, you can. The water is perfectly safe to drink, having […]